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Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs & Esteemed She-Ro's!

I am ready for this next level! I have been feeling stuck at the Start-Her level for years. I admit, I need help.

My business, LuvEnlightens, was conceived in 2012 as a blog. Later it evolved into a T-shirt company, monetizing on its niche being original affirmations in my personal handwriting for typography.

Yet, I fell upon hardship. Lost previous blog to the void and now I am rebuilding.

I am a Christian faith believer. God is helping me.

I’m thankful to find this group, to participate in the membership and Incubator! I was ready for business coaching. Now, thankfully, I have a community. I will be utilizing the tools provided and seeking expert advice.

Let’s go!


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Angela "Cherise" Alley

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