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The ABC’s of Business Growth



Virtual Community


Know and Grow! The ABCs of scaling your business.

$50 per month. Membership ($550 a year)


  • Discounted Access to Resources (Monthly Courses);

  • Discounted Access to Relationships (SHSH Professionals);

  • Access to Other SHSH SHE-E-Os;

  • Access to SHSH Professional Consultants & Resource Providers (Q and A);

  • Discounts on SHSH merchandise



STARTHerScaleHer Coaching


One On One Coaching with StartHer ScaleHer Resource partners 

$199 Members (per hour with SHSH Professionals)

Professionals in the areas of:





Members-Free first 30 minutes 

Our Experts

SHSH Access to Capital/Financial Experts

Truist, Credit Repair Company, WBEs

SHSH Legal

CJR—Meagan Allen, Esquire; Stephanie Smith, Esquire; LaShelle Franklin,Esquire

(Any legal advice provided may require an engagement letter which

details the scope of services provided by CJR)

SHSH Communications

Kenicia Cross; Peter Abrahams; Kristan Jones-Scales


Karen Selby, Esquire

Ciemone Sheppard

Sheppard Benets Group for financial services


One on one Business and Legal Services with Nic Cober, Esquire

$399 Members (per hour w/Nic Cober, Esquire)

*You have to complete an engagement letter with

any CJR legal professionals to dene the scope of services.


STARTHerScaleHer Courses

$50 Members (per class)

1 hour NicTalks and Guest Interviews

“Hey. I just want to listen and absorb the SHSH content”

Downloadable worksheet for goal setting and SHSH action


$125 Incubator Member (per class)

2 hours includes Audience Q and A AFTER Class Time

“Hey! I have QUESTIONS about that!”

Downloadable worksheet for goal setting, Includes Formation of

SHE-e-O working groups for accountability partners.

Masterclass Schedule

Introduction to the

SHSH Community!

Legal Structures,

Operations and Systems…

Oh My!

A is for Access to Capital/Understanding Your Financials

January 28
 2021 Goal Setting. How to Maximize Your Membership!

Complete your Bio!

ii. Follow Other SHSH SHE-e-Os!

iii. Ask a Question on the Board

iv. Answer a Question on the Board

v. Schedule a Professional 1 on 1 with SHSH Advisors

vi. Sign up for NicTalks…About Biz Series (with friends)

(answers your questions and gives you assignments)

vii. Register for Incubator (only 50 slots for the rst StartHERs and ScaleHERs) (6 months)

B is for Branding/ Marketing/ Communications

Do You Have The Right Corporate Structure For Your Business? (February 11)

Do You Have The Right Intellectual Property (i.e. Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights) For Your Biz? (February 25)

Do You Have The Right HR Materials For Your Biz? (March 11)

C is for Connections that Lead to Customers and Contracts

Elements Of A Business Plan. (March 25)

Financials 101 (What You Need To Know About Your Balance Sheet, Profit And Loss And Cash Flow) (April 8)
Credit 101 (How Your Credit Score Can Grow Your Business) (April 22)
Banking Relationship (How Your Banker Can Grow Your Business) (May 6)
Top Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business (July 8)
What Is Branding And Is Your Business Doing It Well Or Not (July 22)
How To Develop Your Customers Into Sales Growth (August 12)
How To Get The Media To Know You And Your Business (August 26)
Websites, Business Cards And Other Top Elements Of Your Brand (September 9)
Social Media Strategy-Is It Helping Or Hurting Your Business? (September 23)
Top Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business (July 8)
How To Grow Your Business Network (October 7)
How To Find Business Mentors And Allies (October 21)
How WBENC, WPO And WIPP Can Expand Your Business (November 11)
How Being Certied As A Women Owned Business Will Grow Your Business (November 22) Monday
Do You Want To Be A Government Contractor? (December 9)
What’s Next For Your Business? (December 20) Monday
What Top Things You Need In An Accountant. (May 20)
BYOB (Be Your Own Bookkeeper) Yes Or No? Tips On Cash Management (June 10)
Angel Investors, WBES Or Banks—Understand What Each One Needs Before You Apply For $ (June 24)

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